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”Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads” is a podcast that emerged from G-Rex’s personal mental health journey, starting with a breakdown in 2022. Supported by her wife, 988, and a higher power, G-Rex found healing and vowed to destigmatize mental health struggles. With best friend Dirty Skittles, the podcast tackles life’s challenges with humor and honesty, emphasizing the importance of open dialogue. Listeners join their engaging discussions on relationships, parenting, pop culture, and mental health, gaining practical tips and a sense of community. Through laughter and camaraderie, the podcast offers empowerment and solidarity, reminding everyone that it’s okay not to be okay and encouraging reaching out for support. Ultimately, ”Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads” is a beacon of hope, humor, and companionship, advocating for mental health awareness and inclusivity.

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7 days ago

Join us in this heartwarming episode as we explore the transformative impact of therapy dogs in educational settings. Discover how these furry friends contribute to student wellness and create a nurturing environment for learning and emotional growth.  
**Featured Guest:** Dr. Barbara Vokatis, Associate Professor at SUNY Oneonta and seasoned educator with a focus on animal-assisted interventions.  
**Highlights of the Episode:**  - **Therapeutic Benefits:** Dive into the science and stories behind how therapy dogs enhance emotional and social well-being in schools.- **Educational Enhancement:** Learn about the practical applications of therapy dogs in classrooms, from special education to general learning environments.- **Barbara's Journey:** Hear Dr. Vokatis' personal journey from acquiring a family pet to becoming a passionate advocate for therapy dogs in schools, featuring her golden doodle, Carmel.- **Accessible Interventions:** Gain insights on how schools can integrate therapy dogs and the resources available for those interested in starting their programs.
**Memorable Quote:** "Therapy dogs are not just pets; they are partners in education who bring a unique comfort and joy that can transform an entire learning environment." — Dr. Barbara Vokatis**Call to Action:** Interested in how therapy dogs can benefit your local school? Check out resources and organizations that support animal-assisted interventions.
**Resources & Links for This Episode:**- Association of Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals (AAAIP)- Therapy Dogs International- Pet Partners- Visit Barbara's Website- Follow Barbara on Twitter- Follow Barbara on Instagram- Connect with Barbara on Facebook- Network with Barbara on LinkedIn
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**Acknowledgments:** Audio editing by NJz Audio for top-notch sound quality.
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S06E01 - Therapy Dogs in Schools: Enhancing Student Mental Wellness Through Canine Companionship

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

**Episode Description:**In this special Season 5 finale of "Shit That Goes On In Our Heads," hosts G-Rex and Dirty Skittles revisit the profound conversations and significant milestones of the season. Join us as we reflect on the inspiring journeys of our guests and the lessons learned, from sobriety to self-discovery and beyond.
**Season Highlights:**- Celebrating our 1-year anniversary and reaching 300,000 downloads- Launching our first-ever newsletter and connecting more deeply with our audience- Engaging in raw, vulnerable conversations with remarkable guests
**Featured Guests From Season 5:**- **KK and Marcy**: Exploring paths to sobriety and personal resilience- **G-Rex**: Sharing a personal journey of healing and growth- **Andrew**: Insights on life philosophies and overcoming personal barriers- **Mari**: Discussing the challenges and triumphs in mental health- **Emma G**: Unveiling the power of music in storytelling and healing- **Nikoa**: Transitioning from corporate life to personal fulfillment- **Heather**: Embracing self-acceptance and the art of skincare as self-care- **Ruth**: Showcasing the strength in self-advocacy and perseverance
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S05E12 - Reflecting on Season 5: Transformative Conversations and Milestones

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

**Trigger Warning:** Please be advised that this episode discusses sensitive topics including hallucinations, exploitation, helplessness, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. If you find these topics triggering, please exercise caution while listening. For immediate support, please call 988.
**Episode Summary:**In this compelling continuation of Ruth's story, we delve deeper into her personal struggles and triumphs. Ruth, an artist and author, shares her heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey through severe mental health challenges. This episode explores the transformative power of resilience, creativity, and the search for effective therapy. Join us as we uncover the depths of Ruth's experience, from harrowing lows to moments of profound insight and artistic discovery.
**More About Ruth:**- Background as an artist and author, transitioning from a career in architecture to a profound journey in art.- A life-altering event involving a PCP-laced brownie, setting the stage for years of mental health challenges.- Ruth's continuous battle with paranoia, anxiety, depression, and multiple mental breakdowns.- Her experiences navigating the complexities of the healthcare system in search of effective therapy.- The evolution of Ruth's coping strategies and her path towards healing and understanding.- Ruth's memoir, "Journey of the Self-Memoir of an Artist," published in 2020, offers a window into her experiences and reflections. Get the book here- Discover more about Ruth and her work at her website:
**More About our Podcast:**Subscribe for exciting content, giveaways, and updates: Official Website: Merchandise: Support: Donate Here: Advertise: Edited by NJz Audio
**Closing Remarks:**Ruth's story is a powerful reminder of the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity. Her journey from darkness into the light of artistic expression and self-realization offers hope and inspiration to all who face similar challenges.
**Call to Action:**We encourage our listeners to subscribe, rate, and review our podcast. Your engagement helps us bring more stories like Ruth's to the forefront, spreading awareness and understanding about mental health.
#MentalHealthJourney #ArtHeals #ResilienceStories #RuthsStory #OvercomingAnxiety #DepressionAwareness #HealingThroughArt #MentalHealthRecovery #ParanoiaSupport #MemoirOfAnArtist #MentalHealthStruggles #TherapySuccess #CreativeCoping #RuthPoniarski #JourneyOfTheSelf
S05E11 - Part 2 - From Despair to Healing: Ruth’s Battle with Mental Illness and Her Path to Wellness

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

**Trigger Warning:** This episode discusses sensitive topics including hallucinations, being taken advantage of, helplessness, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Listener discretion is advised. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, please consider skipping this episode and remember that there are resources available to help you.
**Episode Description:**
Ruth's story takes us through her experiences with severe mental health issues that began in college, involving an incident with a PCP-laced brownie, which led to intense and life-threatening hallucinations. Her narrative offers a profound insight into the devastating impact of drug misuse and the complexities of navigating mental health in a world that was less accepting and understanding of these issues in the past.
**More About Ruth:**- Ruth's background as an artist and author, and her transition from architecture to art.- The triggering event of consuming a PCP-laced brownie and its aftermath.- Ruth's ongoing battle with paranoia, anxiety, depression, and recurring mental breakdowns.- The challenges she faced with the healthcare system and finding effective therapy.- Her journey towards healing and coping strategies.- Memoir "Journey of the Self-Memoir of an Artist" was published in 2020.- Website:
**Resources for Mental Health Support:**- Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA): Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis counseling.- Mental Health America: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988.- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):
Ruth's experience is a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for compassion and understanding towards those struggling. Her resilience and ability to transform her struggles into strength are truly inspiring.
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Thank you for joining us on this journey, and remember, it's okay to not be okay. Just make sure you're talking to someone. Stay tuned for more episodes where we delve into the unspoken and often misunderstood aspects of mental health.
#MentalHealthMatters #MentalIllnessAwareness #AnxietySupport #DepressionHelp #FightParanoia #HallucinationsAwareness#NervousBreakdownSupport #TherapyJourney #EndSocialIsolation #AddictionAwareness #SubstanceAbuseRecovery #PTSDHealing #BipolarDisorderSupport #SchizophreniaAwareness #ArchitectureLife #EducationJourney #PersonalJourneyDiscovery #SurvivalStoryInspiration #JourneyOfIntrospection #ChallengeSocietalNorms #WomenInArchitecture #MentorshipMatters #SelfEsteemBoost #PersonalGrowthPath #ResilienceBuilding #CopingMechanismTools #SupportSystemsStrength
S05E10 - Part 1- Mental Breakdown to Breakthrough: An Artist's Journey Through Therapy with Guest Ruth

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Dive into a heartfelt conversation with Heather as she shares her battle against personal insecurities and depression. Discover how meditation apps and self-care rituals reshaped her life and business. Join G-Rex and Dirty Skittles as they explore the intertwining of mental and physical health, setting boundaries for a healthier mind, and embracing self-love in the face of adversities. Don't miss Heather's pro tips from her self-help toolbox!
Lessons Learned:- Embracing self-love transforms insecurities into strengths.- Flexibility and humor are vital when facing business setbacks.- Setting boundaries improves mental health and happiness.- Persistence and exploring self-help strategies bring fulfillment.- Meditation apps are a vital tool in holistic self-care.
Key Insights:- "Hypnocloud" and meditation apps improve self-care.- Daily exercises and intentions help manage depression.- Overcoming people-pleasing is crucial for mental health.- Trial and error lead to personal growth.- Sharing struggles fosters community and understanding.
More About Heather:- Heather Grace empowers women through skincare and self-care.- Her journey, inspired by being bullied for her freckled skin, led to her skincare brand.- The brand focuses on highlighting and rejuvenating skin, emphasizing true beauty from within.- The products cater to diverse ages and skin types, blending nature and science.- Heather Grace Skin Care represents confidence, vitality, and celebrating natural beauty.- The brand cultivates a community encouraging women to feel good inside and out.
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Let's continue the journey together. Thanks for tuning in! 🧘‍♀️🎙️👂
S05E09 - Bold Moves: Heather's Journey from Security to Dream Pursuit

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Welcome to this week's episode, For more exciting content, giveaways, and updates, subscribe to our newsletter here:
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In this empowering episode of "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads," we have the pleasure of hosting the inspiring Nicoa as she shares her profound journey of overcoming health scares, navigating a career shift, and crafting a life filled with fulfillment and courage. Discover the invaluable lessons Nicoa learned from disregarding her body's signals to embracing her intuition.
**Lessons Learned:**
- #ListenToYourBody: Your body's warnings can be life-saving.- #StressAwareness: Stress and anxiety may manifest physically.  - #TrustYourIntuition: Let your intuition guide you, especially in busy times.  - #WellBeingMatters: Personal well-being should always come first.  - #PatienceAndGrowth: Personal growth requires patience and a commitment to the journey.
**Key Insights:**
- #LifeStories: Real-life tales reveal life's unpredictable nature.  - #AlignWithValues: Living a "life by design" means aligning choices with values.  - #OvercomeCriticism: Overcoming self-criticism and fear of failure is key to personal growth.  - #LearnFromExperiences: Learning from experiences, even failures, fuels self-improvement.  - #EnergyLeadership: Shift your perception of challenges and opportunities through energy leadership. - #SelfKindness: Self-kindness and self-love are crucial for a fulfilling life.  - #AuthenticHappiness: Break free from societal pressures to discover authentic happiness.
Remember, embracing life's design is about every conscious step we take. Dive into this conversation and let Nicoa's experiences inspire your own life design.
**Learn More About Nicoa**Website:
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#LifeByDesign #PersonalGrowth #HealthJourney #Courage #WellBeing #EmbraceTheJourney #SelfCare #Mindfulness #EnergyLeadership #LiveAuthentic #ShitThatGoesOnInOurHeads
🎧 Tune in now and join the movement towards a life by design!
S05E08 - Embracing Life's Design with Courage with Guest Nicoa

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

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Join your hosts, G-Rex and Dirty Skittles, as they dive deep with our vibrant guest, Emma G, into the powerful world of music, self-expression, and stress management. Emma G, a seasoned stress management coordinator and musician, shares her compelling story of overcoming personal adversity, highlighting her transformative journey through music and self-discovery.
**Lessons Learned:**
- The indispensability of self-care routines for individuals in high-stress jobs.- Turning life's challenges into lyrical expressions can lead to profound personal growth.- The importance of reframing negative thoughts to foster a more positive mindset.
**Key Insights:**
- The impact of environmental factors, urban vs. rural, on one's self-care practices.- Emma's evolution through her experiences with brain surgeries and starting the band Static Era.- How the power of music can be used to connect with and heal the younger self.- The significance of authentic self-expression through music to resonate with our true emotions.- Emma G's interactive workbook and her upcoming US tour aimed at empowering the youth through songwriting.
Don't forget to engage with Emma G's work and stay informed about her initiatives by visiting her website and signing up for her newsletter. As she prepares to release her book and hit the road for her tour, Emma's story is not just an inspiration but an invitation to all to find their voice.
Emma G's Contact Info:
Website: http://emmagmusic.comTwitter: Life, My Songs, My Healing:
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#StressManagement #MusicHeals #SelfCare #EmotionalWellbeing #Songwriting #PersonalGrowth #MentalHealthAwareness #SelfExpression #YouthEmpowerment #EmmaGMusic
S05E07 - The Resonance of Self-Care: Songwriting and Healing with Emma G

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

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To Find Out More About Mari -
In this heartfelt episode of "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads," Mari takes us on a profound journey from the depths of depression to the enlightening world of energy healing. Buckle up as our hosts, G-Rex and Dirty Skittles, dive deep into Mari's experiences with therapies that go beyond the traditional scope.
**Lessons Learned:**
- Traditional therapy isn't a one-size-fits-all; exploring alternative modalities can be life-changing.
- Emotional baggage from as early as childhood could be the hidden culprit behind mental health issues.
- The importance of self-help tools, like EFT and tapping, for supplemental self-care.
**Key Insights:**
- Energy healing, specifically the emotion code, can unlock deeply trapped emotions.
- Fears and anxieties can be inherited or learned and could be passed to our children.
- Remote healing sessions offer accessibility and the comfort of your own space.
- Energy healing can have tangible effects on various areas of life, including fertility and physical ailments.
Mari's enlightening perspective invites us to reconsider the ways we address our mental well-being. If her story resonates with you or you're intrigued by energy healing, don't hesitate to explore these avenues for personal transformation.
Remember to subscribe, rate, and review our podcast. Your input is the heartbeat of our show and the motivation behind every episode. Share your thoughts and experiences with us, and join the conversation.
#EnergyHealing #MentalHealth #EmotionCode #AnxietyRelief #DepressionSupport #AlternativeTherapy #SelfHelpJourney #HealingJourney #EFTTechniques #HolisticHealth #HealingFromWithin #EnergyMedicineInsights #EmotionCodeExperience #BreakingThroughDepression #TraumaReleaseJourney #AnxietyInKids #RemoteHealingSessions #MentalHealthAwareness #HolisticHealingPodcast #FearsUnraveled #AlternativeTherapies #DepressionDialogues #SpiritualityAndScience #InnerChatter #InnerChildHealing #InheritedEmotions #EFTScripts #EnergyHealingGifts #TransformativeEnergyWork #MariEnergyJourney
S05E06- Releasing Trapped Emotions: Mari's Journey from Depression to Energy Healing

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

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Welcome to today's episode! We explore Andrew's transformative journey in Bermuda during the global pandemic, focusing on adaptability, personal growth, and living in the moment.
- **Introduction to Andrew’s Story**: Andrew's unexpected move to Bermuda due to travel restrictions and how it led to personal growth.- **The Necessity of Embracing Change**: Andrew emphasizes the importance of accepting change and using it for self-improvement.- **Sustainable Behavior Change**: Discussing the power of small daily actions for significant and lasting transformations.- **Empire of the Mind App**: Andrew's GPT app supporting behavior change and personal development.- **Breaking Free from Routine**: Encouraging listeners to live in the present and break free from daily routines.- **Our Minds as Real Estate**: Exploring how our minds are like real estate that needs effective management.- **Evolution and Modern Dissatisfaction**: Discussing how modern dissatisfaction stems from our brains not fully adapting to the modern world.- **Achieving Happiness Beyond Materialism**: Highlighting how true happiness comes from moving away from material pursuits.- **Practical Exercises and Resources**: Mentioning practical exercises from the book and a free PDF download for further exploration.- **Conclusion**: Reflecting on key takeaways from Andrew's journey and encouraging listeners to apply lessons for personal growth.
Don't forget to check out the book discussed in this episode and visit Subscribe, rate, and review our podcast for valuable feedback. Join us in normalizing conversations around mental health and stay tuned for more enriching episodes.
**More Information about Andrew:**- Founder and former CEO of Author of "Get Out of My Head: Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom"- Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: LinkedIn:
**Podcast Information:**- Official Podcast Website: Podcast Merchandise: Donate to Support the Podcast: Advertise on this Podcast: Editor: NJz Audio
#MindsetMasteryPodcast #LivingInThePresentMoment #SelfAwarenessJourney #AuthenticLiving #IntrinsicJoyPodcast#SelfCareStrategiesTips #MentalFortificationTools #StoicWisdomInsights #ModernClarityPodcast #PodcastInspirationJourney #DailyContentmentTips #NavigatingLifeChallenges #SelfDiscoveryPodcast#WellBeingJourneyTips#MindfulLivingPodcast
S05E05 - Mindset Mastery: Andrew's Tactics for Living in the Present

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

### Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads - Episode: Anniversary SpecialWelcome to a special anniversary episode of Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads, where hosts G-Rex and Dirty Skittles take a deep dive into a year of podcasting, personal growth, and the evolution of mental health. Join them on this emotional journey as they reflect on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of overcoming depression and embracing self-discovery.#### Episode Highlights:- 🎙️ Retrospection on a year of podcasting and personal development- 🧠 Exploring the transformative power of therapy and self-enlightenment- 💪 Overcoming mental fatigue and embracing self-care- 📝 Undertaking new endeavors like creative writing and in-house projects- 🌟 Nurturing a positive mindset and creating joyful memories- 🦋 Personal evolution and the importance of self-love and setting boundaries#### Key Takeaways:- ✨ Mental health recovery is a continuous process, not a destination- 🌿 Importance of self-care and finding the right therapeutic approach- 📔 Utilizing mindfulness and journaling for self-reflection- 🦋 Transformative journey towards self-growth and personal evolution- 🌈 Advocacy for kindness, understanding, and empathy towards others#### How You Can Support Us:- 🎧 Subscribe to our podcast for more insightful episodes- ⭐️ Rate and review us on your favorite podcast platform- 📣 Share this episode with friends and family to spread awarenessJoin us on this stirring and inspiring discussion about hope, resilience, and transformation, sprinkled with entertaining anecdotes and the signature humor of G-Rex and Dirty Skittles. Let's continue the conversation on mental health and self-discovery together!Remember, love yourself more and prioritize your well-being. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes and personal insights from the hosts of Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads. Thank you for being part of our journey! 🌟*Subscribe, Rate & Review - Your feedback fuels our growth!*
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#mentalhealthjourney #selfdiscovery #PersonalGrowth #TherapyTransformation #SelfCareIsKey #JournalingForReflection #ResilienceAndHope #SelfLoveJourney #PodcastAnniversary #PositiveMindset #EmbracingChange #OvercomingDepression #MentalHealthAwareness #PodcastReflections #InspiringConversations #EmpathyAndUnderstanding #SpreadAwareness #PodcastSupport #LoveYourselfFirst #MindfulnessPractice
S05E04 - Rising from the Depths: Finding Hope, Health, and Happiness

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